Web Development

The chief advantage of using an intranet for a small or large business is that they're cheap to implement and run, greatly increasing the return on investment (ROI). In the modern office, most computers are already equipped to connect to the Internet and browse the Web. With an intranet, there's no need to buy new equipment for the end user or significantly restructure the corporate network.
Portals (16)
Portals can serve an enterprise in a variety of ways. Read about key use cases and then learn more about Liferay Portal's robust portal, content, and collaboration features.
I don't need to tell you about spam - you already know all you ever wanted to know about it. Actually, I bet you know much more than you ever wanted to. What you really want is to know less about it, and fast.
Web-based surveys and forms have advantages to both survey administrators and respondents.
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