Mobile Apps

Part of the argument behind the ability of HTML5 to replace native apps on devices like the iPad and iPhone is that the web tech is catching up in terms of features to iOS software. That may be true, but it will likely never actually reach par with native apps, because Apple is in the driver's seat when it comes to what third-party software can and can't do on its devices.
Since the launch of Iphone and Ipad by Apple in the market, users have seen tremendous upgrades and innovations. Iphone's is considered to be best when it comes to share data, make calls, browse websites, play games and music, etc. It is a customizable device; by linking it up to the app store for Iphone, a number of applications are available and these applications can be downloaded directly on your Iphone.
It is easy to understand the appeal of developing an app: an instant hit could raise brand awareness through the stratosphere. Consider Sit and Squat, a mobile guide to public washrooms sponsored by the makers of Charmin' bathroom tissue last year. It was a huge hit, with 81,000 people downloading the application onto their mobile devices within the first day.
With smartphone adoption steadily increasing in the US, the days of convincing large companies to consider how mobile might impact their business are coming to an end. As businesses learn to plan across multiple digital channels, more and more companies now explicitly request that a native mobile application be developed as an integral part of their overall digital strategy.
What The Heck Is Responsive Web Design?
A web page or app has a big problem to solve- how to look good on the range of different screen sizes that are going to be used to view it. The new way of doing things is not to code up a version for each viewing format, but to use responsive web design.
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