YouTube can be a digital form of overeating. If you judge the trends in how we consume information, online video would have to be one of the top areas of consumption. So, consider YouTube marketing. People still read, of course, but the watching habits of Americans and of many other countries is compelling from a marketing perspective. People watch video, and if you're not using this medium to share at least part of your message, you're not effectively reaching most prospects, including B2B.
With all the press and buzz about Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks, one site not commonly known as a social networking site has emerged as just that. With recent social features (and new ones coming with regularity) YouTube is quickly positioning itself as the respected social site for small business. Read on and discover 5 reasons why it should be a part of your small business social marketing strategy.
When Internet file formats for images first came along, users developed a rule of thumb: use GIF files for computer-generated images, such as illustrations, and JPG files for real-life images such as photographs. Unfortunately, when it comes to video, there is no similar rule. There are many available file formats, and numerous codecs that exist within many of the formats.
For someone who does not spend much time downloading or converting files, understanding the differences between file formats may be a challenge. After all some DVD and video to iPod software titles may not convert what you have. Below is a list of common audio and video file formats:
Professional video editing can make the difference between a cheesy home movie and an emotional family film. But what exactly is professional video editing? Professional video editing is hard to define, because usually it's something that you hardly notice. It's only when things go bad that you'll notice a lack of professional video editing. Of course, you don't need to hire a professional video production company to get professional video editing. Instead, you just need to follow this guide.
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