Corporate Branding

Without a brand, your marketing materials and communications will seem inconsistent, your path to your Big Vision will become cluttered with distractions, and your visual identity and reputation will appear fractured. Basically, without a defined brand in place for you or your business, you are more than likely running your business by the seat of your pants and with no rhyme or reason to the action your are taking.
What do you think when you heard "Corporate Identity"? A corporate identity is more than just a logo applied to promotional material. Just look at apple, every detail is thought. In these awesome examples we will focus on the logos, packagings and guidelines. Discover how they use colors, shapes and the material to make their company recognizable right away. The following picks are excellent examples of what corporate identity design can be and should be!
To maintain and strengthen the desired perception for the IEEE brand, visual identity elements have been enhanced and organized into these guidelines. The look-and-feel of the IEEE visual identity - including the master brand, color palette, typography, imagery, and graphic style - was streamlined and best practices were documented to convey the organization's culture, personality, and core brand values.
Business Cards, Letterhead & Envelopes A professionally-designed stationery system will show every recipient that you are a serious, professional organization from the moment they first receive your materials.
Who are you? How do you look on paper? Despite the surge in email use, professionally designed printed stationery packages are crucial to making a good first impression. The purpose of letterhead and related items is to express an identity, beyond the actual words used in the message.
You know paper comes in a huge variety of weights; you know there are all kinds of terms and numbers to describe these weights; but if you are like many, you may not know what all these terms and numbers mean. If you aren't familiar with paper weight, or aren't quite sure which weight is appropriate for your project, don't worry; you aren't alone! This is why we created this quick guide to paper weight basics.
In an effort to help eliminate the "Paper Weight" confusion problem, we have compiled the comprehensive table listed below. Now you can compare various types of paper and their "Equivalent Weights."
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